Applications of FreeBASIC

FreeBASIC can be used to solve a variety of problems. And with it's support for any C library you can do anything. Here's a short list of some of the libraries available and what they can be used for.


There is great support for building games with FreeBASIC.

Desktop GUIs

Access to GUIs for several platforms are available.

Database Access

You can also use popular Databases with your programs.

Network Programming

Low-level network access is also ready to be used.

  • cURL
  • BSD Sockets
  • Windows Sockets


FreeBASIC is already used by educators around the world to teach programming to students. FreeBASIC is an easy language for beginners to pick up and allows them to grow as their skills increase.

Web and Internet Development

You can also develop websites with FreeBASIC just like a normal CGI program. There are several libraries out there to help with this task.

There's more!

For a full list of the headers for libraries distributed with FreeBASIC see the full list on the wiki.