About the Developers

Project Members

  • Andre Victor T. Vicentini (av1ctor[at]yahoo.com.br):
    Founder, main compiler developer, author of many parts of the runtime, FB headers (FBSWIG)
  • Angelo Mottola (a.mottola[at]libero.it):
    Author of the FB graphics library, built-in threads, thread-safe, runtime, ports I/O, dynamic library loading, Linux port.
  • Bryan Stoeberl (b_stoeberl[at]yahoo.com):
    SSE/SSE2 floating point math, AST vectorization.
  • Daniel C. Klauer (daniel.c.klauer[at]web.de):
    FB releases since 0.21, C & LLVM backends, 64bit port, dynamic arrays in UDTs, virtual methods, preprocessor-only mode, miscellaneous fixes and improvements.
  • Daniel R. Verkamp (i_am_drv[at]yahoo.com):
    DOS, XBox, Darwin, *BSD ports, DLL and static library automation, VB-compatible runtime functions, compiler optimizations, miscellaneous fixes and improvements.
  • Ebben Feagan (sir_mud[at]users.sourceforge.net):
    FB headers, C emitter
  • Jeff Marshall (coder[at]execulink.com):
    FB releases since 0.17, FB documentation (wiki maintenance, fbdocs, offline-docs generator), Gosub/Return, profiling support, dialect, specifics, DOS serial driver, miscellaneous fixes and improvements.
  • Mark Junker (mjscod[at]gmx.de):
    Author of huge parts of the runtime (printing support, date/time, functions, SCR/LPTx/COM/console/keyboard I/O), Cygwin port, first FB installer scripts.
  • Matthew Fearnley (matthew.w.fearnley[at]gmail.com):
    Print Using & Co, ImageInfo, and others, dialect specifics, optimization improvements in the compiler, many fixes and improvements.
  • Ruben Rodriguez (rubentbstk[at]gmail.com):
    Var keyword, const specifier, placement new, operator overloading and, other OOP-related work, C BFD wrapper, many fixes and improvements.
  • Simon Nash:
    AndAlso/OrElse operators, ellipsis for array initializers, miscellaneous fixes and improvements.


  • 1000101:
    gfxlib2 patches, e.g. image buffer alignment
  • Abdullah Ali (voodooattack[at]hotmail.com):
    Windows NT DDK headers & examples
  • AGS:
    gdbm, zlib, Mini-XML, PCRE headers
  • Claudio Tinivella (tinycla[at]yahoo.it):
    Gtk tutorials
  • Chris Davies (c.g.davies[at]gmail.com):
    OpenAL headers & examples
  • Dinosaur:
    CGUI headers
  • D.J.Peters:
    ARM port, ODE headers & examples, Win32 API header fixes
  • Dumbledore:
    wx-c headers & examples
  • dr0p (dr0p[at]perfectbg.com):
    PostgreSQL headers & examples
  • Edmond Leung (leung.edmond[at]gmail.com):
    SDL headers & examples
  • Eric Lope (vic_viperph[at]yahoo.com):
    OpenGL & GLU headers & examples, examples/gfx/rel-*.bas demos
  • Florent Heyworth (florent.heyworth[at]swissonline.ch):
    Win32 API sql/obdc headers
  • fsw (fsw.fb[at]comcast.net):
    Win32 API headers, Gtk/Glade/wx-c examples
  • Garvan O'Keeffe (sisophon2001[at]yahoo.com):
    FB ports of many NeHe OpenGL lessons, PDFlib examples
  • Hans L. Nemeschkal (Hans.Leo.Nemeschkal[at]univie.ac.at):
    DISLIN headers
  • Jofers (spam[at]betterwebber.com):
    ThreadCall keyword, libffi/libjit headers, FreeType examples
  • Jose Manuel Postigo (postigo[at]uma.es):
    Linux serial devices support
  • Laanan Fisher (laananfisher[at]gmail.com):
    FB test suite using CUnit
  • Matthew Riley (pestery):
    OpenGL, GLFW, glext, FreeGLUT, cryptlib headers
  • Matthias Faust (matthias_faust[at]web.de):
    SDL_ttf headers & examples
  • Marzec:
    SDL headers, SDL_bassgl, SDL_opengl and SDL_key examples, First file routines for FB's rtlib
  • MJK:
    big_int header fixes
  • MOD:
    wx-c, BASS headers; -lang qb support for built-in macros, "real" Rnd() algorithm
  • Nek (dave[at]nodtveidt.net):
    Win32 API headers
  • Plasma:
    FMOD and BASS headers & examples
  • Randy Keeling (randy[at]keeling.com):
    GSL matrix example
  • Saga Musix (Jojo):
    BASS examples with sounds
  • Sisophon2001:
    gfxlib2 fixes, Nehe OpenGL lesson ports
  • Sterling Christensen (sterling[at]engineer.com):
    Ex-project-member, author of FB's initial QB-like graphics library
  • TeeEmCee:
    gfxlib2 fixes
  • TJF (Thomas.Freiherr[at]gmx.net):
    ARM port, GTK+, glib, Cairo, Pango headers & examples, SQLiteExtensions headers
  • zydon:
    Win32 API examples


  • Plasma:
    Owner of the freebasic.net domain and main site hoster, many thanks to, him.
  • VonGodric:
    Author of the first FreeBASIC IDE: FBIDE.
  • Everybody that helped writing the documentation (and in special Nexinarus who started it):
  • All users that reported bugs, requested features and as such helped improving the compiler, language and run-time libraries.