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by PyRoe
Jul 24, 2011 5:20
Forum: Windows
Topic: Multitasking Shell Command
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Multitasking Shell Command

Ok this is a little weird, but i have a desire to create a program which will call a second program, but not interrupt the execution of the first program until the second one is complete... I know this is weird but it will be handy for it.... any ideas how to do this?
by PyRoe
Mar 17, 2010 9:01
Forum: Projects
Topic: Arbitrarily Big Integer Routines
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This is freaking sweet

With your help I just calculated 2^1,000,000 in no time flat. BRAVO!!!!
by PyRoe
Mar 15, 2010 21:58
Forum: General
Topic: Hackproof software
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What you need is a checksum or possibly a way to encrypt the score and add a checksum i could come up with several simple methods for this if you would be willing to post that section of your code. For kicks I think it would be great to have it change a persons name to add (fellow) on the end if the...
by PyRoe
Jun 27, 2008 15:02
Forum: Beginners
Topic: Bug Report
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Bug Report

I believe the previous post "random file" to be outlining a bug in the LSET command. If you run an LSET more than 255 times then print stops working right for strings....
by PyRoe
Jun 27, 2008 15:01
Forum: Beginners
Topic: random file
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Appears to be a bug in LSET

I know I have said this before, but this appears to be a bug with LSET. If you eliminate the LSET it works. The problem is when lset is called more than 255 times.... I wonder if this is a stack problem, but it definitely happens with LSET.....
by PyRoe
Jun 25, 2008 15:15
Forum: General
Topic: It doesnt show on the screen any print with " text text
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Well, it appears that running the loop more than 127 times kills print. This is actually the LSET Command that is causing it... And specifically calling the LSET command more than 255 times... Weird... Why do you use the LSET command here instead of using ca.temporario = string$(100,"X") and ca.temp...
by PyRoe
May 23, 2008 18:47
Forum: Game Dev
Topic: Games Play in Rhythm
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That is an awesome Idea and concept. I never thought about it that way...

Been smoking something mind expanding there anonymous1337? <JK>

No really Thats a wild way to look at it....
by PyRoe
Nov 01, 2007 17:12
Forum: Windows
Topic: Haunted mouse pointer
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Haunted mouse pointer

ok. its a day late, and a dollar short, and this one has probably been done before. I just dont know because I havent logged on in a while(finally got a new job where they are open to learning(huh, maybe thats why people shouldnt get a job at kinkos) Well, here it is. a nice prank, like i said late ...
by PyRoe
Jul 28, 2007 17:59
Forum: DOS
Topic: Multitasking
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Im not normally one to be negative

Im not normally one to be negative, but IMO, you are probly biting off more than u can chew. It is feasibly possible, dont get me wrong, but you have to have a concept such as a virtual machine, so you can have one bit of code that gives each .exe multiple time slices..... It has taken many people m...
by PyRoe
Jul 10, 2007 17:05
Forum: General
Topic: Generating a key from password
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that works

That works, Its up to the individual, but if you want a string that is more dependant on the key, then try something like this..... Dim as Int x = 0 Dim as Int y = 0 Dim as Int z = 0 dim as int j = 0 dim as int k = 0 dim as int l = 0 Dim as String password = "hithere" Dim as string Key For...
by PyRoe
Jun 17, 2007 18:19
Forum: General
Topic: Encryption, Storing a Key without storing it
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Encryption, Storing a Key without storing it

This hit me laying in bed last night...... If you want to encrypt something, you must have a key, the problem with that is, how do you store a key without making it be easily found. The answer is obfuscate...... Ok Follow me here, if we have two keys and we xor them against each other we get somethi...
by PyRoe
Apr 04, 2007 19:46
Forum: General
Topic: Extremely slow FB
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speed it up

maybe try displaying results every 50 milliseconds or so......
by PyRoe
Mar 26, 2007 19:38
Forum: Beginners
Topic: RS232
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millisecond delays

ok something like this

Code: Select all

sub delay(n as int)
         while t>timer
end sub
by PyRoe
Mar 10, 2007 23:23
Forum: Beginners
Topic: A ghostly vision?
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maybe an idea

forgive me, I am on some pretty powerful painkillers, just had neck surgery. Well i would start by turning the image black and white, say average the R G B channels to make a gray scale image, and lighten it, find a way to make a aura type of surrounding of sorts, and then use a transparency..... Ju...
by PyRoe
Feb 18, 2007 0:48
Forum: Beginners
Topic: Questions about shooting...
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Try this

Ok I think what he is saying is something like this Define a type that includes integers for x,y, deltax, and deltay define an array of that type with say 50 elements set up a loop in the program that: erases the old x, y location of the sprite adds deltax to x and stores it in x adds deltay to y an...

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