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by DrV
Jun 01, 2005 19:25
Forum: DOS
Topic: accessing video memory
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You have to use _farpokeb, not the built-in Poke command. (untested): #include "dos/sys/" #include "dos/" DIM char AS BYTE DIM Col AS INTEGER DIM Row AS INTEGER vid_mem = &HB8000 Row = 1 For Col = 0 to 70 _farpokeb _dos_ds, (vid_mem+2*col+0+160*row),CB...
by DrV
May 29, 2005 3:01
Forum: General
Topic: How to build a library on top of GfxLib?
Replies: 9
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I've got the JPGalleg header ported to FB on my local machine but haven't written any examples for it yet (it's untested); I'll commit it to CVS in the off chance that someone will be willing to port the examples. :)
by DrV
May 27, 2005 18:48
Forum: DOS
Topic: DOS memory setup
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I'm not the expert on the exact specifications (see the DJGPP docs or source code for more), but as far as I know: - CS, DS, ES, and SS point to a shared code+data+stack area (all have the same base, all with limit 0xCFFFF, but CS has different selector - missing write flag, I guess) - FS used by fa...

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