Version 0.90.1 released

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Version 0.90.1 released

Postby dkl » Jul 17, 2013 16:25

This is a small bug fix update for FB 0.90, no big changes.

changelog.txt wrote:[fixed]
- Potential internal errors in Unix rtlib during SIGWINCH signal handling, due to calls to non-async-signal-safe functions
- Any input on stdin could break the Unix rtlib's escape sequence communication with the terminal, e.g. typing very fast at an Input prompt
- #679: WINDOW width/height were losing precision on very small Single values
- Taking the address of a PEEK expression (e.g. "@peek( integer, myptr )") ignored the PEEK data type. This could also break WITH when used on a PEEK expression.
- C backend: Passing @proc (taking address of procedures) expressions to BYREF parameters caused bad C code to be generated
- Pointer arithmetic on procedure pointers is now disallowed. It is not meaningful, because procedures do not have a fixed size and are not arranged like array elements.
- 0.90.0 regression: A bug in array index parsing could cause the compiler to crash due to arrays being used without index, instead of showing an error message
- 0.90.0 regression: ON GOTO was broken due to the compiler generating bad jump tables for it
- 0.90.0 regression: Some Win32 API libs were missing (e.g. libstrmiids.dll.a)

The HTML/CHM Documentation files' layout should be back to normal again now aswell.

Win32 Binaries

Linux Binaries
  • FreeBASIC-0.90.1-linux.tar.gz (or as .tar.xz)
    FB in a .tar.gz - can be extracted anywhere. Run sudo ./ -i to install into /usr/local. Built on OpenSUSE; should work on all current distros.
  • Linux Libraries: third-party libraries used by many of the headers and examples

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All the downloads are hosted over at SourceForge.

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