Version 1.07.3 Win64 Release

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Version 1.07.3 Win64 Release

Postby coderJeff » Dec 31, 2020 16:20

EDIT: WIP - some of these links may be broken - they currently link to files that are now in 1.07.3 full release. The files originally linked to are still available in the "Older Versions/1.07.3rc0" directory on

Due to a missing patch in 1.07.2 this release fixes a DirectX driver bug on Windows 64-bit *only*
- #898: fbc win gfxlib DirectX driver failed to initialize on 64-bit, due to incorrect construction of DIDATAFORMAT for keyboard device (macko17)

Please note: Version 1.07.3 is not tagged in the repository and exists under the branch fbc-1.07 (Just in case there are a few more critical fixups needed)

The only difference is the gfxlib. So, if you already have 1.07.2, you can copy in just the libraries (about 165 KiB).

Source Code

Windows Binaries (mingw-w64 gcc 5.2.0)

Windows Binaries (mingw-w64 gcc 8.1.0)

For discussion on this release please post in the topic FreeBASIC 1.07 Release Discussion

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