Off-topic Forum Removed

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Off-topic Forum Removed

Postby cha0s » Aug 02, 2007 14:19

The Off-Topic forum has been removed due to its abuse. We wish to keep the site as professional as possible, and there is no room in that specification for what the Off-topic forum had become.

We know you want to chat with like-minded FreeBASIC users, and as such, I will present you with 2 alternatives which will allow friendly, "off-topic" atmosphere, while being populated with FB programmers who are no stranger to our "ways". ;)

QBASIC News has been resurrected and given a facelift. Wildcard is back in control... who knows it might have reached stability this time :). The community was strong around it back in the day, and it appears some of the old QB legends have resurfaced. The link is here

c0de is a forum I created with the main focus being on totally off-topic discussion, in addition we will not censor swearing or tastefully nude pics if you choose to post them. Keep that in mind if you choose to visit. Also, unregistered guests can post in the spam forum. The link is here

Sorry for any inconvenience,
-The Management

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