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Re: JASC Soccer

Postby Pitto » Jun 27, 2017 22:34

In jasc the playfield is divided in a grid of 36 tiles (6 x 6), a function returns the tile number where the ball is.

Both tactic and behaviour interact with the current ball position.

Tactic: involves the way each player move himself along the playfield while he doesn't owns the ball. So, it involves the whole team movement.

Behaviour: sets the action that the CPU controlled player has to perform while has the ball (i.e. kicking on goal, passing to nearest, going on etc...)

I've created a Wiki on the github project page to explain a little how tactic and behaviour works: https://github.com/Pitto/Jasc-Soccer/wiki

The early version adopted a 4-4-2 module, in the beginning I've created a little C program to generate this tactic module. Sorry, I think this version isn't compatible with latest tactics (early version uses only 36 tiles, but now there are 36 tiles for the ball position and 256 for the player position)... but maybe behaviour file (_data/bhv.dat) could be compatible... even if I can't guarantee.

Anyway, using current version, while watching a match you may press "D" key repeatedly in order to see more debug data on screen, and also ball tiles and player tiles.

Thanks for the feedback.
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Re: JASC Soccer

Postby MrSwiss » Jun 28, 2017 17:36


I like the AI and the graphics ...

However, some ideas, for version NEXT: (more likeliness, to real soccer)
Goal Keepers in Soccer, need to wear different colors (than their Team mates) in order to
make it easier, for the Ref. (referee) to know, whether "hands" are allowed or disallowed.
Goal Keeper hands = OK (within the 16 m rectangle only!), while
ordinary Player hands = penalized (Penalty, Free Kick, yellow/red card (for the offending
Player), depending on circumstances, e.g. distance to Goal, of the offense).

Second point:
The pitch (play-field), looks more like a handball field, than a soccer pitch. (circular vs
rectangular lines, around the Goals)
A soccer pitch's lines (about the Goals), have rectangular character (2 of them, each Goal)
at: 5 m distance from the Goal-Posts, as well as 16 m distance. Additional at 11 m (from
Goal-Center), the well known: Penalty point.
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Re: JASC Soccer

Postby BasicCoder2 » Jun 28, 2017 19:26

So the position to which the players are to move is controlled by the position of the ball and a tactic is the formation around that ball position. They sort of keep that formation but move back and forth and shift sideways as the ball moves about the field?
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Re: JASC Soccer

Postby Pitto » Jun 29, 2017 1:32


Thanks for the tips. However I think there is a misunderstanding. Maybe You are referring​ to the old version (0.17) I've posted to show it BasicCoder2. The current version improves yet the features You have highlighted. It's available from https://github.com/Pitto/Jasc-Soccer

Since for each of the 36 ball tiles each one player may get one of the 256 locations in the play field, it's possible to keep a formation (i.e. 442) while ball moves, but it's also possible to change this formation if the team is attacking or defending.

In tactic editor use mouse wheel to change selected player, left mouse button to set player position, cursor keys to move the ball along the play field. Pressing F1 a contextual help will appear.

While in game it's possible to change on the fly the tactic module by pressing "T" key.

Swos uses a similar way to manage tactics, (instead of a 6x6 grid for the ball uses a 5x7 grid) but the concept is pretty close. For further documentation about how the swos tactic works see also this link:

Thanks for feedbacks

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