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Re: lack of response

Postby St_W » Dec 07, 2016 12:06

I completely agree to what you said about fxm, he's really doing a great job, is very active, knows a lot and provides polite, helpful answers.

Personally there are basically three reasons why I don't contribute more to the forums:
1. time constraints. I simply do not have enough free time to read every post in every topic and additionally give helpful answers. So I just skim the list of new posts once a while and read the ones that sound most interesting to me or where I think I could help/contribute.
2. other contributions in a thread: often there are already some answers when I read a thread the first time. When there's e.g. an answer by fxm or dkl there's usually nothing more to add as the answer's already excellent. However, unfortunately there are a few users on this forums whose answers are often not as good and e.g. are not very polite or have poor content. Usually I refrain from contributing to such a thread as it often just leads to useless discussions. Examples for such answers are e.g. answers trying to enforce its author's opinion; answers where the author obviously doesn't know what he's writing about; answers that use offensive language; ...
3. contribution of the OP: I usually also skip threads where the OP obviously doesn't read the answers, doesn't react on them or doesn't show any intentions to do something on his own.
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Re: lack of response

Postby nimdays » Mar 25, 2017 22:47

Speaking about politeness,before leaving my own thread,sometimes i type 'thanks all' or just 'thanks'

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