[offtopic]What was at Jul 24, 2019 something special ?

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Re: [offtopic]What was at Jul 24, 2019 something special ?

Postby Lost Zergling » Oct 21, 2019 10:10

"Has anybody narrowed it down to what particular thread the Chinese guests are looking at, or is it just this site in general."
If I make a ratio between the creation date and the number of views, LZLE has few competitors. The one that seems to me to be the closest (taking into account the date of publication) is "FreeBASIC IDE with enhanced debugging and project features" by Juergen Kuehlwein. In addition, LZAE follows a fairly fast ascending curve, yet it remains rather uncompleted (Relatively modest technical contribution, but a contribution of which I am nevertheless satisfied).
We have just passed a new course today (1278 users), and the site has experienced periods of interruption, so that the monitoring could have been higher. This is all the more remarkable as we had descended to less than 20 views in average, so it really had become a question of survival.
Regarding LZLE, I envisage structural optimizations in futur to gain speed and especially in memory load (the insentive post case sort by JK showed some serious limits) without losing too much functionality and keeping the maximum of ascending compatibility, I believe how I could proceed, but it is a job that will involve some time. If no objection, HashLen property could be abandonned in next releases for a fixed len.
Again, I am gratefull to everyone had participating/contributing even a few directly or indirectly to the project.
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Re: [offtopic]What was at Jul 24, 2019 something special ?

Postby marcov » Oct 21, 2019 13:26

Fyi At several (SMF?) forums, late july through August there was a really high level of forum spam. At our forum, late august a lot of mitigation was done, so I lost sight of the details. The bots might still be out there and active though.

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