Format problem

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Format problem

Postby Gablea » Apr 28, 2010 17:04

Hi all,

I need some advice

I am trying to get a program to display the time & date on screen BUT when I use the following bit of code to display the time & data

Dim DateDis As String
Dim TimeDis As String

DateDis = Format(Now,"DD/MM/YYYY")
TimeDis = Format(Now,"HH:MM")

I get the following error message(s)

C:\FBC_WIN\fbc -g -s console "FbTemp.bas"
FbTemp.bas(476) error 41: Variable not declared, Format in 'DateIn = Format(Now,"DD/MM/YYYY")'
FbTemp.bas(476) warning 12(0): Implicit variable allocation, Format
FbTemp.bas(477) error 67: Array not dimensioned, before '(' in 'TimeDis = Format(Now,"HH:MM")'

Build error(s)

What am i doing wrong?

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Postby phishguy » Apr 28, 2010 17:17

You need to add

Code: Select all

#include ""

to the beginning of your program for the format command to work.

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