Screen display specification

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Re: Screen display specification

Postby badidea » Sep 04, 2018 21:10

rogerbohl wrote:Found the cause of the problem and the solution:

Evidently, Windows uses Notepad to generate the screen display and print output. It is this program that generates the margins, including one at the top that pushes the content off the bottom of screen.

It is possible to set the margins within Notepad++, but it takes some extra work with Windows registry to retain them for the next call.

I found the answer on line. It may have been the following, and did the job for me, but you should do your own research. ... p-settings

I have never used Windows 10 before, but last time I did use Windows, Notepad and Notepad++ were plain text editors to edit, load and save plain text files.
And before you start playing with the windows registry and possibly mess up your new Windows installation, try a smaller window e.g ScreenRes 800, 600 in your program, attach a monitor with higher vertical resolution or try full screen mode (ALT+ENTER) when the program is running (if that still work on Windows 10).
The cause is simply that your program window with its window-borders does not fit on your desktop / monitor.
The hyper-link you posted has nothing to do with the problem.
Next time you buy a new computer check the screen resolution first, 768 pixels high is a bit limited these days, as you have discovered. The screen quality is one of the most important parts of a laptop for a good experience.
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Re: Screen display specification

Postby St_W » Sep 04, 2018 21:47

Also make sure that you do not run into hidpi issues.
see example applications: ... ...

you can find other threads on this forums discussing possible issues and solutions in detail

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