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Postby abc123 » Jan 25, 2006 21:47

in WinXP there is a command to type in the dos prompt that send messeges to other computers. example: c:\>net send username/IP/computername Hello!
if you type * instead of IP/usrname/computername the messege will display on all WinXP computers in the network.
this command works from the shell command in FB so

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Shell "net send * Hi!"

willl send infinite spam messeges :)
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Postby BastetFurry » Jan 25, 2006 22:16

I have done this frequently back in my scool days with "Ye Ole" qbasic *g*
Some bright tryed to hide it by removing qbasic.exe.
But as NT has an edit.exe and not a .com and so you just needed to put the right command line parameter in and you had your old qbasic back.
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Postby Imortis » Jan 26, 2006 15:00

You laugh, but I have long thought of the possibility of such a thing.
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Postby yetifoot » Jan 27, 2006 1:29

there used to be anti-virus viruses on the Atari ST. I do have a problem with these though, as an unexpected error or bug could potentially cause more harm than good.

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