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Re: Ownership?

Postby grindstone » Jan 29, 2019 18:44

Working without any problems here (WinXP 32bit / FB 1.05 / FBEdit / -s console). Running from the FB folder of my data partition (D:\freeBasic\...)
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Re: Ownership?

Postby cavelamb » Jan 30, 2019 3:16

I changed it to QB console and #lang "QB" and it's working.
At lease as a QB program.

I suspect the other problem (still persisting) has something to do with Win 7 UAC (User Account Controls).
But haven't figured it all the way out yet.

(life was easier in XP)
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Re: Ownership?

Postby dodicat » Jan 30, 2019 10:21

Mr Swiss's suggestion a few posts back is the only way to easily run freebasic on win 10.
That was, don't use the .exe installer, use the .zip download.
Use a folder, probably on the desktop, or on C: drive to hold your freebasic files. (but definitely not in program files).

For me here, fbedit doesn't work with Win 10.
I have tried it several times with fresh downloads e.t.c., but it always fails.

Other ides are OK, I mainly use fbide, but whatever ide you choose, don't put it in program files.
I keep my freebasic and ide folders on the desktop.
Tourist Trap
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Re: Ownership?

Postby Tourist Trap » Feb 01, 2019 15:28

cavelamb wrote:The exe is running as a PROCESS instead of application!
What's that about?

It's a good question. When using FBIDE I always have either FBIDETEMP.EXE, or something like "MYFBAPP.EXE". Maybe windows is catching the app in the process form in order to prevent it from running from some forbiden places. Things were often better in XP, that's unfortunately quite a truth.

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