Odd pause when sometimes starting programme

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olympic sleeper
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Odd pause when sometimes starting programme

Postby olympic sleeper » Jun 16, 2020 10:54


I am re-learning basic and coding and am writing a text adventure. This uses a lot of string manipulation that used to cause interpreted versions issues with garbage collection and I am not sure if this is my problem.

There is sometimes a pause of a few seconds when I start my programme from the command line (I'm using windows 10). Something is happening in the background but I have no idea what. Once this pause happens it will always pause until I shut down the command line and restart it. Then it'll be fine, perhaps for ages until it randomly starts pausing again.

It does not pause during the programme, only at the very start and I cannot consistently reproduce it so I am stumped.

Anyone any ideas?
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Re: Odd pause when sometimes starting programme

Postby fxm » Jun 16, 2020 11:46

The anti-virus (Microsoft Defender for example) ?
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Re: Odd pause when sometimes starting programme

Postby SamL » Jul 11, 2020 17:35

i get the same thing some times. with my code. i have also disabled my windows defender scanning that directory but i still get the pause when compiling and run the program sometimes. mostly only happens the first time i compile run it. and there is a pause for around 2 seconds or so while the program is starting, after the program has started running. but only once in a while i get that.

I always figured the OS was being slow.

Windows 10, 64 bit
AMD Ryzen 7
32 gb ram
NVMe M.2

freebasic 1.07.1, 64bit

I have the same question as you.

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Re: Odd pause when sometimes starting programme

Postby marcov » Jul 11, 2020 17:46

And Windows Smartscreen.

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