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Postby Julius10 » Jul 31, 2020 15:28

Hi …

I am not sure, if this is the right place to ask, but if not, sorry about that.

This question is about winfbe.

It screams to heaven about the lack of accessibility functions in the visual designer, so I can't add ANYTHING using the keyboard.

No controls, no, events …

So, my question is this:

Since I guess, the designers of winfbe don't care at all about accessibility, how do I add a control manually to to a form?

Tried searching, but "we can all use the visual designer", since we don't give a damn about those who can't.

Tanks in advance …

Freebasic is cool, and fbe accessible, but I am not sure how to add in a control in that either …
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Re: winfbe

Postby MrSwiss » Jul 31, 2020 15:42

The proper place for complaints e.t.c. about a FB-Project (WinFBE) is in:
FreeBASIC -> Projects -> WinFBE ... (pinned at the top, in Projects).

It itself is not relevant to general programming questions about FB.
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Re: winfbe

Postby fxm » Jul 31, 2020 15:50

Otherwise Julius10, measure your words at least a little bit.
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Re: winfbe

Postby srvaldez » Jul 31, 2020 17:02

the right forum is please voice your questions about winFBE on that forum
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Re: winfbe

Postby deltarho[1859] » Jul 31, 2020 18:11

Julius10's first post was at the WinFBE forum on the first of this month but got no response.

Two quietly gave directions to other threads and fxm wrote "measure your words at least a little bit.". At least a little bit?

I would ban without a second thought. Just my two cents, you understand.
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Re: winfbe

Postby srvaldez » Jul 31, 2020 18:36

if you want a visual designer that has keyboard shortcuts for everything then perhaps JK-IDE is what you want,
it's a Windows SDK IDE/designer meaning that in order to write a GUI application you need to know the Windows SDK
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Re: winfbe

Postby PaulSquires » Jul 31, 2020 18:44

WinFBE is open source.

Feel free to add all the accessibility to it that you wish just respect the GPL license.

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