FTP Questions

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FTP Questions

Postby bcohio2001 » Dec 20, 2007 2:10

I wish to write a FTP program to assist me to sync two sites that I created.

While browsing through wininet.bi, I found a few functions that might help me develop my own FTP program to do it.

This is what I wish to happen.

After logging in, collect all filenames and modification times on the server. then compare the times to those on my PC. If the ones on my computer are newer upload them automaticly, ignoring the fact that the file already exists. If there is a file on my computer, but not on server, ask to upload it. And if exists on server but not on pc, ask if to download or delete the file.

In wininet.bi, there is a function FtpFindFirstFile, how do I get "next"?
Also there is a function FtpGetFileSize, what about FtpFileDateTime? Or is there another bi file I should be looking at?
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Postby DrV » Dec 20, 2007 2:29

You can see the documentation for FtpFindFirstFile on MSDN (first Google hit for the function name) - use InternetFindNextFile. The timestamps of each file are available in the WIN32_FIND_DATA structure returned by these functions.

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