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Re: namespace problem

Postby coderJeff » Aug 17, 2019 21:16

fxm wrote:
coderJeff wrote:This seems like it should be the normal behaviour and correct that the definition should be fully qualified, either inside a namespace block, or with the namespace identifier prefix

But that works for a non-member procedure declared in a Namespace but outside implemented through a 'Using namespace_name':

OK, I'm trying to convince myself that unqualified (shortened) names would be OK after USING statement as a feature. While we do follow c++ naming rules for external linkage (ABI), the namespace/using concept is within the compiler only, so we don't necessarily have to copy c++ in every respect.

Here we should probably get an ambiguous symbol definition, as we don't reliably know if we are defining P() or N.P():

Code: Select all

declare sub P()

namespace N
   declare sub P()
end namespace

using N
sub P()
end sub

I have a few other cases I was playing with, but I am kind of thinking, it would be better to design the correct behaviour, and then go from there, to either fix bugs or add the features.

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