Advanced Raycasting?

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Alex Scarlet
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Advanced Raycasting?

Postby Alex Scarlet » Aug 17, 2019 0:36

I have a S### computer so i can't program actual 3D graphics (not to mention i kinda suck at 3D Modeling)
So I was gonna work on my own engine so my pc can finally shut up about "OpenGL Error Because I am trying to heat myself to death" (No really its trying to kill itself)

So i was gonna go with Advanced Raycasting so like no more of those square walls, Looking Up and Down and stuff HOWEVER......

I'm too stupid to figure out how to do it -_-
Not really sure where to start, i have never done this before so some help would be nice
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Re: Advanced Raycasting?

Postby bluatigro » Aug 21, 2019 8:52

i did some raytracing on this forum [ raytrace try ]
look if you can use that

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