FreeBASIC IRC: #freebasic on freenode

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FreeBASIC IRC: #freebasic on freenode

Postby Pritchard » Aug 22, 2007 14:15

FreeBASIC IRC: #freebasic on freenode.

We offer live support in the FreeBASIC IRC Channel. It's also a popular hangout for community members. The channel's fairly slack, but it's also well-organized. Should you come in whilst the channel's off-topic, restoring order is as simple as asking a question.

Sometimes I think people forget about our channel. We have too many lurkers and too few participants. I miss seeing new members enter the channel and stay there for a few weeks :-(, so stop by!

Get an IRC Client

Executable Clients: mIRC (win), XChat, Trillian, Pidgen

Connect to, port 6667
Enter the Following: /join ##freebasic
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