Attacking a UDT

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Re: Attacking a UDT

Postby fxm » Apr 22, 2020 11:47

In FreeBASIC, pass an argument by reference or by pointer value is equivalent:

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type list
    as long s,f
end type

Type st
    Declare Property middle( As List) As String
    Declare Property middle( As List ,As String)
    Declare Operator Cast() As String
    Declare Constructor(As String="")
    Declare Destructor()
    #define md(s,c,d) Mid(s,c+1,d-c+1)
    as string s
End Type

'private OOP to public Procedural
'********** passing instance by address **********
declare function GetTheString alias "_ZN2ST13MIDDLE__get__ER4LIST"(as st ptr,as list) as string 'property middle as string
declare function show alias "_ZN2STcv8FBSTRINGEv"(as st ptr) as string  'cast
declare sub SetTheString alias "_ZN2ST13MIDDLE__set__ER4LISTR8FBSTRING"(as st ptr,as list, as string)'property middle
declare sub construct cdecl alias "_ZN2STC1ER8FBSTRING"(as st ptr,as string) 'constructor
declare sub destruct cdecl alias "_ZN2STD1Ev"(as st ptr) 'destructor

Constructor st(g As String)
color 5
print __function__
color 15
End Constructor

Property st.middle(n As list) As String
color 5
print __function__
color 15
Property= md(s,n.s,n.f)
End Property

Property st.middle(n As list,g As String)
color 5
print __function__
color 15
End Property

Operator st.cast() As String
color 5
print __function__
color 15
Return s
End Operator

Destructor st()
End Destructor


print "actual task:"
dim as string g="abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz"
print g
print md(g,2,7)
print g

'use only method pointers
var GetTheStringMethod=@GetTheString
var SetTheStringMethod=@SetTheString
var ConstructorMethod=@construct
var CastMethod=@show
var DestructorMethod=@destruct

print "Task via method pointers:"
dim as st ptr y=allocate(sizeof(st))
'********** passing instance by address **********
print CastMethod(y)
print GetTheStringMethod(y,type(2,7))
print CastMethod(y)


'********** passing instance by address **********
deallocate y
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Re: Attacking a UDT

Postby grindstone » Apr 22, 2020 12:22

@UEZ: Thank you for your "silly" question (and to dodicat and fxm for their answers).
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Re: Attacking a UDT

Postby dodicat » Apr 22, 2020 13:56

In the .bas file using the C++ dll, I can substitute any ptr for byval as Vector parameters, except for the constructors and the ip point in segdist which must be passed byref.
pass an argument by value or by any pointer is equivalent: -- getting info from a dll.
Tested fb dll's also, the same rules apply.

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