Progression of my platform game called "Slimo"

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Pim Scheffers
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Progression of my platform game called "Slimo"

Postby Pim Scheffers » Dec 30, 2015 22:41


Just sharing the progression of the "DOS game" styled platform game that I'm making called SLIMO.

project details include:
1* must be under 1.44mb (floppy disk) ----> please don't ask me why
2* a single file containing audio, sprites, and of course the code :-)
3* mimic the exact gameplay present in DOS games from the 1990 to 1993 era.
4* must contain 8 full levels (minimum of 10,000 tiles each) plus 8 end-bosses.
5* must contain > 1000 unique sprites and they must be 100% original (only the enemy sprites are loosely based on DOS games)
6* must mimic PC-Speaker sound accurately.
7* Must remain freeware at all times (including source release)

As of now I'm at 580kb's for everything you see / hear in the video + half a level (not in the video)

The game runs at 60fps using windows GDI.
The game uses the StretchDIBits function to stretch a 320x200 pixel back-buffer to a full screen mode.
It contains a fixed 256 color palette stored in a pre initialized array, and custom graphics functions coded in ASM (no FBGFX used)
All sprites, maps and sounds use a custom RLE compressed format included in the .EXE file and are decompressed in memory at launch.

I seriously hope to finish the game soon.

The engine is completely done and running smooth.
The only weird thing I've noticed is that the game stutters a little on Windows 7 (tested on multiple machines) so I suspect a GDI bug.
The game runs 100% smooth on Windows XP, 8, 8.1, and 10.

Please let me know what you think,

Sorry for the bad video (filmed this with my phone directly from the screen)

Happy new-year everybody :-)
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Re: Progression of my platform game called "Slimo"

Postby Jonge » Jan 08, 2016 19:43

Nice looking game! Good to see some FB game development again. From looking at the video, it can be a bit hard to see whats part of the background and whats part of the foreground. Any plans for a demo?
Pim Scheffers
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Re: Progression of my platform game called "Slimo"

Postby Pim Scheffers » Jan 08, 2016 22:23

As you requested.

A Playable demo of the game containing only level 1.
After completing the level you will be brought back to the transporter room where you started.

The mission of the game is to find ship parts scattered across levels and to disable the power grid surrounding each level by flipping a hidden switch.
After you flipped the switch there will be an exit in the level at a (to you) unknown location ;-)

There will be little changes to the game other then adding more levels (currently at 4 completed levels + 4 end bosses) ... file%2czip

Enjoy :-)

There is a booklet .PDF included in the zip file.

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