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Re: Gameboy emulator written in FreeBasic

Postby IchMagBier » Oct 31, 2018 9:50 ...

This is the newest version without GTK. The debug-stuff isn't in the version, neither is palette switching. It is just meant as a workaround until I got fbc and gtk working with wine.
You can reenable GTK with the first line in "fbgb.bas":

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'#define GTK

The file-dialog isn't working, so you have to pass the rom-file as the parameter. After compiling be sure to place the "fbgb.exe" in the main folder (where "saves" and "abc.bmp" is located).

There are some new features in this version, but nothing is really finished:
- All Gameboy Color features, except for graphics. (Pokemon Gold works)
- New, zoomable and buggy debug-screen, when pressing [F3] (GTK-only)
- Better performance

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