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Re: Wiki improvements

Postby fxm » May 18, 2021 8:54


A last point for SCREENCONTROL (comparing commit text and fbc source)

In fbc 64-bit:
dim param as longint = &h80000000
initializes 'param' with +2147483648 but not -2147483648
What to choose as initializer value (rather as in the fbc source I guess)?
(but it is probably without consequences)
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Re: Wiki improvements

Postby coderJeff » May 18, 2021 23:37

The only places the default value of &H80000000 is checked:
- SET_WINDOW_POS ... don't set X or Y position if parameter value is &H80000000
- SET_PEN_POS ... don't set X or Y position if parameter value is &H80000000
- SET_ALPHA_PRIMITIVES ... no change if parameter value is &H80000000

For all other SET_* functions, the parameter value is used as-is.

For all GET_* operations, parameter values (including &H8000000) have no effect.

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