Version 0.20.0b released

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Version 0.20.0b released

Post by coderJeff »

AndAlso/OrElse short-circuiting operators and many other improvements in this release.

For a list of all changes in this release, the v0.20.0b changelog is available here (link)

Most important changes:

- AndAlso/OrElse short-circuiting operators
- Updated FreeImage support for v3.10
- BLOAD now supports 15, 16, and 32-bpp BMP files, alpha in 32-bpp BMP files (BITMAPV4/V5HEADER only), arbitrary BI_BITFIELDS bitfields, and OS/2 BMP files
- Many improvements to gfx functions (SCREEN, PCOPY, LINE, CIRCLE, PALETTE, GETMOUSE)
- Many improvements to run-time functions (VAL, STR, GET#, LINE INPUT, LEN, DIR, LSET)
- Improved dialect support (removed dialect dependencies from the rtlib, added IMAGEINFO, and #lang directive)
- GOSUB now allowed in fblite (with OPTION GOSUB)
- SSE/SSE2 support for floating point math (using -fpu sse command line option)


Windows v0.20.0b (2008-08-10): ... e?download

Linux v0.20.0b (2008-08-10):
- preconfigured for installation at /usr/local ... z?download

Linux v0.20.0b standalone (2008-08-10): ... z?download

DOS v0.20.0b (2008-08-10): ... p?download

Source v0.20.0b: ... z?download


Manual 0.20.0 in CHM format: ... p?download

Manual 0.20.0 in HTML format: ... p?download
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