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Postby Dinosaur » Mar 03, 2009 21:21

Hi all

Well, Fox my requirement has always been fairly simply, but seems hard to implement from within FB for Dos. (and near impossible from QB)

Originally my networking consisted of a shared drive on a PC directly connected to my machine. The solution I posted with NET still does that.

But then some of my requirements changed, where I have to put reporting files on someones computer on an office Network. With NET I am able to put the files on the server, but no further.(for lots of reasons).

I investigated Wattcp, and concluded that to have a Network available from within FB-Dos was beyond my time frame. I simply dont have a few weeks or more to do this. (the economic crises may change my schedule).
Additionally, the conversion of the include files from C to FB is a bit daunting.

I have investigated hundreds of packages. You know you have reached a dead end when all the hits in Google have been visited before. Some were very promising, and then you discover that it is for Rs232 not Ethernet or written in Pascal or something.

So, my conclusion is that Wattcp-32 is the best option, but requires a significant effort on my part (or your's), and would require a lot of assistance from the community to convert the includes. But whomever does this will go down in FB history books as a legend forever. :)

You know, with all the traffic about improving FB, and adding features etc, I think the most valuable improvement would be to extend/replace the functionality of Swig, so that it can fully convert any C include without hand coding. (perhaps not possible)

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Postby etko » Jul 29, 2009 16:43

I had FreeDOS box talking with my OpenBSD's dhcp server. Installing packet driver and stuff was straithforward, I tried trumpet TCP ABI. DOS IRC client in QB but that was all that time allowed me to do. Next free slot I will look into interfacing with FB. Sidenote DOS TCP/IP is really messy.

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