Allegro Blit problem

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Allegro Blit problem

Postby Dinosaur » Nov 20, 2010 9:37

Hi all

Occasionally I get an exception error with this statement.
Allegro format is:
Blit(*Source, *Dest, Source X, Source Y, Dest X, Dest Y, Width, Height)
My declaration is as follows:

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Dim As Any Ptr IpOn,IpOff,OpOn,OpOff
Type LED
   bmp(1 To 112)       As Any Ptr
   Nbr(1 To 112)       As Integer
   Show(1 To 112)      As Integer
   Req(1 To 112)       As Integer
   Direction(1 To 112) As Integer
   Button(1 To 112)    As Integer
   StartTime           As UInteger
   Name(1 To 112)      As ZString * 7
End Type
For Xq  = 1 To 112
   Led.bmp(Xq)  = create_bitmap(15,15)
   Led.Name(Xq) = "Led" + Str(Xq)          'give it a unique name
   Tabs.Tryit = RegisterImage(Led.bmp(Xq),Led.Name(Xq),Cgui_IMAGE_BMP, Led.Button(Xq))
   If Tabs.Tryit = 0 Then .Level = 2

Then my call to Blit;

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where Xq is an integer which already creates an exception with the value of 1.

Having spent a lot of time in the past finding the reason for this, (and of course forgetting it) I want to convert this to a FB statement. But no amount of trying the Put statement, can't seem to get the format right.
I thought this should do it, after reading the wiki.

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Put (Led.Bmp(Xq)),0,0,ipOff,0,0,0,0,15,15,PSet
But the error I keep getting is Argument count , ) expected.

Anyone have any suggestions.

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Postby fernando.inf » Nov 20, 2010 12:33

Don't use Any Ptr, try BITMAP Ptr

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Dim As BITMAP Ptr IpOn,IpOff,OpOn,OpOff
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Postby Dinosaur » Nov 20, 2010 19:38

Hi all

That doesn't make any difference, I still get "Exception Access Violation"


Solved it (again)
I am trying to get away from "Common Shared" for things that can be locally declared and used. Doing that to the Allegro Blit fields is what caused Allegro to spit the dummy.
I had declared them local in some, but left them Global in one other.

However, I am still interested in converting to a PUT statement if that is possible.
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Postby Ophelius » Nov 26, 2010 6:12

You can't use Put on an Allegro bitmap.

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