Cross Compiling

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Cross Compiling

Postby taijinantangXX » Dec 19, 2014 6:13

How to cross compile using FreeBASIC?
1, how to compile from Windows to Linux or vise versa?
2, how to compile from Windows 64bit to Windows 32bit or vise versa?
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Re: Cross Compiling

Postby dkl » Dec 19, 2014 23:32

Currently we only have the documentation here: /wiki/DevCrossCompiling

which has a fairly in-depth example about cross-compiling from Ubuntu to Win32 (that's probably the easiest). I'm going to try and add more guides in the future though...

Regarding cross-compiling between Win32/Win64, check this out:

Cross-compiling from Windows to Linux is difficult though, unless you can find a pre-made gcc cross-compiler, and it's much easier to use dual-boot (or VirtualBox) and compile on Linux directly.

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