HTTPS Requests in FreeBasic

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HTTPS Requests in FreeBasic

Postby mvpimenta » Mar 27, 2019 21:45


I have a project I´m doing in the office. There is an arduino (yes!!) colector machine that sends data using https-get (=parameters in url) to a cloud server. This request needs a 'fingerprint', based on server-cert to handshake the connection and allow connectivy to site. OK, it s working done...
This servers collect data (an url API entry-point) and persist them in a cloud database.
Other API returns a compiled data list, JSon formatted, when called (... over https, too).

I need to get these data and process in my FB program. I tried to use the examples (get-https, http-page etc) I saw here, and the FB-prog works perfectly over http (:80). But, when I try the https (:443), it doesn´t connect, don´t handshake, ... I think that I´ll need to pass other data (like the fingerprint or security-cert) to handshake and accept the connection - and the data can be requested and retrieved, like http.

Well: Are there a lib, function, include or example code to work with https protocol (TLS or SSL)?
I can´t work with 'wget', 'curl' executables, (to get the file, save to disk and after that, read it via "open ... as #1'), due the Sec.Info restrictions in office..

Could you help me?
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Re: HTTPS Requests in FreeBasic

Postby MrSwiss » Mar 27, 2019 22:54

You probably need some libraries, which deal with SSL/TLS stuff.
(cyptographically secured connections)

On the use of those lib's, you'll have to consult their Documentation,
since they're not part of FBC.
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Re: HTTPS Requests in FreeBasic

Postby St_W » Mar 29, 2019 17:31

There's also a library-version of curl, libcurl, which provides an API that you can use directly in your application instead of running external applications. Dealing with SSL yourself can get quite complicated, so I strongly advice to use some library that handles this for you (like the one I mentioned).
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Re: HTTPS Requests in FreeBasic

Postby TJF » Apr 06, 2019 11:13

For https protocol (port 443) I use Gio. Find a header file at


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