xRpgMaker Development Log, Day 2

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xRpgMaker Development Log, Day 2

Postby xywhsoft » Dec 31, 2020 7:51

This series of posts is used to document my process of developing a full game, and my thoughts during the development process, and is used to provide a reference for those who develop games.
It's the equivalent of a live stream of sorts, and it's always a great way to absorb some of the lessons learned from watching something come together from nothing.

day 2

There won't be any DBEdit development progress today, because before that I have to perfect xui. What I'm going to do today is to develop ScrollView, which is not available in the Win32SDK

There is no such concept in Win32SDK, it is widely available in DirectUI.

Win32SDK develops everything with scrollbars separately, for example there is no connection between ListBox, ListView and TreeView, but in DirectUI it is common practice to

In DirectUI, however, the common practice is to first create a new element that inherits from Element, the ScrollView. This task abstracts all the screens inside and outside the scrollbar into one complete screen, and the scroll

The task of the ScrollBar is to set the offset of the view on this complete screen.

Before that, I need to develop a ScrollBar element, which is an important part of the ScrollView, and when all these bases are completed, the development of DBEdit will enter a high

Once all of these foundations are completed, DBEdit development will be in high gear, and I will have alternative solutions for all of the other elements.

The ScrollBar is actually a vertical or horizontal layout that consists of a button in the front section, a blank in the front section, a slider in the middle section, a blank in the back section, and a button in the back section, relying on xui's

The layout system is not complicated to implement a ScrollBar-like element, but I need to handle more complex events, support button clicks, blank clicks to slide a chunk,

dragging the slider, and most importantly, support for the mouse wheel.

It was not easy to perfect a user interface element, I put more than two hours into it and finally it was presented to me, it was not perfect, for example the front and back fine tuning buttons

is blank and should show triangles with strong contrast colors. And he doesn't support scrolling using Down, Up, Page Down, Page Up keys on the keyboard, I can't scroll by pressing

I can't keep the scrollbar scrolling by pressing the button and the blank area, but must click repeatedly.

But so far it works fine, except for the above three points, it is almost identical to the scrollbar provided by Win32SDK.

I can't keep wasting more time on it, because I have to compress the schedule even more to get xRpgMaker done as soon as possible because of the xui update, and who knows how many more

Who knows how many difficulties to overcome after that? If I want to develop a working version in 30 days, then at least the project should be available on the 20th day, otherwise all kinds of surprises will make the project

otherwise the project will be delayed to an unacceptable degree.

Although I was prepared for any difficulties, I soon encountered the next challenge, the scroll view could no longer have any layout embedded inside it, and to adjust the position of the two scroll bars, I had to first adjust the position of the scroll bar.

To adjust the position of the two scrollbars, I had to first know exactly how big the element was, but this was not possible during the development phase because of xui's layout system.
The width and height I pass to xui may be just 1, but in the end it's not possible because of xui's layout system.

The width and height I pass to xui may be just 1, but the final width and height rendered by the layout system will be much larger than this value.

I have to implement this mechanism before I can move on to the next step, and it's almost dawn here at 5am BST.

I may have to adjust this work to the next day, when I have other work to do, but at least it's not a big adjustment, and I should be able to find time to finish it.

But at least it's not a big adjustment and I should be able to make time to finish it and make sure the project doesn't get delayed.

Good night, folks.

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Re: xRpgMaker Development Log, Day 2

Postby xywhsoft » Dec 31, 2020 9:18

To add, after waking up from bed today, I made up the work I couldn't finish yesterday, and the ScrollBar and ScrollView rendered the following.


I'm mostly satisfied with it and will use it tonight to develop the ListBox and TileEdit user interface elements.

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