freebasic 1.09.0 (ubuntu 20.04) deb package

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freebasic 1.09.0 (ubuntu 20.04) deb package

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I generated a deb package of freebasic 1.09.0 in a lxd container (ubuntu 20.04). here are the steps for those who are interested :

I had the deb package of freebasic 1.08, I installed it in the container :

sudo dpkg -i fbc_1.08-1_amd64.deb

create a directory for compilation, position yourself in it :

git clone
cd fbc

a compilation error related to libtinfo has occurred, you need to install :

sudo apt install libtinfo-dev libncurses5

after compilation, create a deb package with checkinstall (sudo apt install checkinstall) :

sudo checkinstall -D --fstrans=yes --install=no

man checkinstall for more details...

I use this method because the debs packages are very easy and fast to install and uninstall on many computers...

note that the package created is very light and contains only what is necessary (no doc or man file)...

the deb package of freebasic 1.09.0 is downloadable here :

sha256sum 8e3746c686d33b417e90455cfa39416fc8f72e2fa93fcb8f5d712bd3a856c2b3 fbc_1.09.0-1_amd64.deb

install :
sudo dpkg -i fbc_1.09.0-1_amd64.deb

uninstall :
sudo dpkg -r fbc

please note that the file will be available only for 30 days...

congratulations to the freebasic maintainers, they do a great job...
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