FLTK headers for FreeBasic OOP (no C wrapper)

Headers, Bindings, Libraries for use with FreeBASIC, Please include example of use to help ensure they are tested and usable.
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Re: FLTK headers for FreeBasic OOP (no C wrapper)

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Ok, I should have ported all the files. Some won't work on version 1.09 because they use the "alias char" command. Also, when nested types will be available I should modify some files, that contain a temporarily handmade mangle of some C++ functions.

But for now, it should already be usable on DOS, Linux, and on Windows 64 bit (not on Windows 32 bit)
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Re: FLTK headers for FreeBasic OOP (no C wrapper)

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nested types are basically available though there is still work do on some aspects. Depends on what is required by fltk if our feature is 'good enough'. Like it might work, or you may find that it doesn't and then it's a bug or some feature that needs to be improved. I kind of skip all over the place on bug fixes and development, but I think the nested types will eventually be something we return to. I am hoping fxm will set me straight.
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