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Welcome to the forum

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Welcome to the FreeBASIC community forum.

The FreeBASIC project is dedicated to building an open-source 32/64-bit BASIC compiler. This forum is for the FreeBASIC community members to meet and discuss subjects relating to FreeBASIC programming.

The forum is divided into several areas:

FreeBASIC: This area is for topics relevant to the FreeBASIC project and community.
  • News: This is for announcements about FreeBASIC. Information about new releases will be posted here.

    Community Discussion: This is for the FreeBASIC community members to discuss topics relating to the FreeBASIC project or community.

    Projects: People who are working on projects that are written in FreeBASIC, or are related to FreeBASIC, can discuss them here.

    Tips and Tricks: If you have any helpful tips for other FreeBASIC users, or any interesting programming techniques to share, post them here.
Programming: This area is for FreeBASIC programming in general.
  • Beginners: If you have any questions about getting started, or about how to do something in FreeBASIC, post your question here.

    General: This is for more general questions/discussions about programming in FreeBASIC.

    Libraries: This section is for discussing how to use external libraries in FreeBASIC code.

    Game Dev: This section is for discussing game development in FreeBASIC.
Platforms: (DOS, Linux, Windows)
  • This area is for discussing issues that are specific to a particular platform of FreeBASIC.
  • Documentation: This section is for discussing matters related to the FreeBASIC documentation.

We welcome people to visit and contribute here, but keep in mind the following rules:

- Be civil and polite:
  • We expect you to show respect for all other members of the community here. We do not want flaming of any sort. Do not insult or flame other forum members.
    Additionally, do not write posts that will incite flames, nor post any misleading or false information or statements that may harm the reputation, health or financial well-being of other forum members.
- Keep posts relevant:
  • Thread topics should be relevant to the FreeBASIC project, or its community. They should go in whichever subforum you think is most appropriate.
    Don't deviate from the topic of conversation in a thread. If you have something new to talk about, consider starting a new thread.
In addition, we expect you to follow all the rules set out by our host, phatcode.net, including:
  • Do not post any copyrighted material that you do not have a license to distribute.
    Do not post any excessive vulgarity or "adult material" of any type.
    Do not spam, or post links to other sites that may be considered spam.
    Do not post any malicious scripts or programs.

Helpful links:
FreeBASIC Main Page:

FreeBASIC Documentation/User Guide:

FreeBASIC SourceForge Page:
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What Community Discussion IS:

A place to post information relevant to the FreeBASIC Community. Anything from community magazines to website updates can be posted here. Projects which could involve the community, such as inviting us to participate in a competition being held by another community may be posted here as well. We're pretty lenient.

If you're not sure whether you should post a thread here, please join ##freebasic on FreeNode and ask if it's alright. It most-likely is. Use common sense when posting.

What Community Discussion IS NOT:

Community Discussion is NOT a chatterbox. This is not the forum to post random pictures of your dog, to make a favorite food debate thread, etc. Community-ran forums exist for off-topic chatter.

c0de - For general chat and programmer talk. Owned by cha0s.

FreeBASIC Games Directory (FBGD) Forum - General Game Dev Forum. Geared heavily towards FreeBASIC game development. Owned by Lachie Dazdarian.
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