Version 0.18.4b released

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Version 0.18.4b released

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New fblite dialect, restructured installation on Linux (/usr/local), improved QB compatibility, and many bug fixes.

New fblite dialect

The fbc compiler now has three supported dialects:
- FB dialect: the OOP enabled future of FreeBASIC
- QB dialect for compatibility with QB source
- FBLITE dialect: for FreeBASIC language compatibility (except for OOP), but with a more QB-compatible coding style. For more information please see ... erDialects

The fblite dialect may also be known to some as the "deprecated" dialect which understandably is not used by many. Our goal is to keep the fblite dialect consistent, with no major code-breaking changes. This should also make it more appealing for the average programmer than the qb dialect, which still sometimes undergoes changes to make it more like QB and less like FB.

Restructured Installation on Linux

This is the first release where we do not include our own binutils or libraries that should already be available on your system or from packages in your distro. In all previous versions of fbc, we shipped our own binutils (as,ld,ar) and some libraries. The Linux download package is preconfigured for installation in /usr/local. Uninstall the previous version before installing version 0.18.4.

QB compatibility and Bug Fixes

Thanks to the FreeBASIC development team for pulling together last three months to get this release out. There are many bug fixes and improvements (too many to list really).

Please see the 0.18.4 changelog for a complete list: ... =rls&id=11


Windows v0.18.4b (2008-03-24): ... e?download

Linux v0.18.4b (2008-03-26): ... z?download

DOS Version v0.18.4b (2008-03-24): ... p?download

Source v0.18.4b (2008-03-26): ... z?download

Manual (April 15, 2008): ... p?download

If you wish to discuss this particular release
with other FreeBASIC users, please visit this topic:
About the 0.18.4b Release
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