return array

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return array

Postby als_santos » Jul 11, 2018 18:27

Como retornar uma array de uma função, ex:

How to retrieve an array from a function, ex:

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function test(x as integer, y as integer) as string
  dim return_(0 to 1) as string
  return return_
end function

dim a(0 to 1) as string
a = test(1, 2)
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Re: return array

Postby grindstone » Jul 11, 2018 21:24

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Sub test(x As Integer, y As Integer, return_() As String)
End Sub

Dim return_(0 To 1) As String

test(1, 2, return_())
Print return_(0)
Print return_(1)


The array has to be passed in the parameter list (arrays are always passed ByRef)

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