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Forum Policy

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The FreeBASIC project is dedicated to building an open-source 32/64-bit BASIC compiler.
This forum is for the FreeBASIC community members to meet and discuss subjects relating to FreeBASIC programming.

The forum is divided into several user areas:
  • FreeBASIC
    • News: This is for announcements about FreeBASIC. Information about new releases will be posted here.
    • Community Discussion: This is for the FreeBASIC community members to discuss topics relating to the FreeBASIC project or community.
    • Documentation: This section is for discussing matters related to the FreeBASIC documentation.
  • Platforms
    • DOS: This is for DOS specific question.
    • Linux: This is for Linux specific question.
    • Windows: This is for Windows specific question.
    • Emscripten: This is for Emscripten, WASM, and asm.js related question.
  • Programming
    • Beginners: If you have any questions about getting started, or about how to do something in FreeBASIC, post your question here.
    • General: This is for more general questions/discussions about programming in FreeBASIC.
    • Game Dev: This section is for discussing game development in FreeBASIC.
    • Hardware Interfaces / Communication: This section is for issues with communication ports, protocols, etc.
  • Libraries
  • User Contributed Sources
    • Projects: People who are working on projects that are written in FreeBASIC, or are related to FreeBASIC, can discuss them here.
    • Sources, Examples, Tips and Tricks: If you have any helpful tips for other FreeBASIC users, or any interesting programming techniques to share.
    • Archives : User contributed source that have become inactive, deprecated, or generally unusable.

We welcome people to visit and contribute here, but keep in mind the following rules:
  • - Be civil and polite:
    • - We expect you to show respect for all other members of the community here. We do not want flaming of any sort. Do not insult or flame other forum members.
      - Additionally, do not write posts that will incite flames, nor post any misleading or false information or statements that may harm the reputation, health or financial well-being of other forum members.
    - Keep posts relevant:
    • - Thread topics should be relevant to the FreeBASIC project, or its community. They should go in whichever subforum you think is most appropriate.
      - Don't deviate from the topic of conversation in a thread. If you have something new to talk about, consider starting a new thread.
    - In addition, we expect you to follow all the rules set out by our host,, including:
    • - Do not post any copyrighted material that you do not have a license to distribute.
      - Do not post any excessive vulgarity or "adult material" of any type.
      - Do not spam, or post links to other sites that may be considered spam.
      - Do not post any malicious scripts or programs.