Freebasic server + ESP8266 remove control

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Freebasic server + ESP8266 remove control

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I almost finished firmware for esp8266 and web-server that is running on my VPS.
Does anybody interested in projects like this?

What i am doing.
I got esp8266 with wifi, RFID module(RC522), linux web-server written with Freebasic and some Android app that can send http requests.
I can open my door(turn on relay) with RFID tag, or by Serial command.
Esp send UDP packages(one per 30 sec) to server and always keep "connection", so server can send command back.
If i send http request from my phone, i can open the door... or turn on something.
Kotlin is pretty easy language, but i don't want to mess with android right now. So i use "HTTP Shortcuts" app.

It's not ready now, but i can upload whole project on github.

i already did this for LGT8F328P(arduino clone). But it has no WIFI, only Serial port.
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