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Advise on this Idea

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Hi Everyone

I am hoping for some advise on a issue I am thinking about.

I am currently working on a offline mode for my software i am doing this by storing all my required updates etc in a file on my local hard drive

sometimes I can have 20-50 of these files on my drive and what I would like to do is have a small program that is running in the background that would pole a given folder location and process the files

the file extensions are as follows

.jor for the journal data (this is everything that happened in the sale
.dat this is what was sold and the qty etc (or anything that was refunded or voided would be in this file)
.ten this is the tender file (example say the sale was £19.98 and they paid £20 change would be £0.02 cash)
.sto this is the stored sale file
.log this is used to record a user action (Sign on, No Sale etc)

so I was wondering how I could make a small FreeBASIC app that would process each file in a row (the files all have the same name example 000001.jor, 000001.dat, 000001.ten, 000001.log

so the idea would be for it to process all the 000001 files and then delete them and then move onto the 000002 files etc

Can this be done with a Headless application to run on Linux and Windows? I would be using a .conf file to control user setup (things like the folder to view database settings and when it should pole a folder (example every 30 seconds)
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