FreeBASIC's Official Archive Launched

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FreeBASIC's Official Archive Launched

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The FreeBASIC Team, in response to users' need to share, find, and download open source FreeBASIC software, has made available FreeBASIC's Official Archive, at

The Archive gives users the ability to submit files and link to open source libraries, tools, tutorials, and reference documentation. The submissions are reviewed by administrators before being approved for inclusion in the Archive.

To make a submission, users need only a valid registation on FreeBASIC's official forums at

Uploads and links that have been added to the Archive are tracked for number of downloads and can be ranked by other users with a 1 to 5 voting system.

Several software categories and sub-categories have been added to the Archive to provide a starting point for organising the submissions. Users are encouraged to contact the administrators should they find a specific category missing.

This is a brand new addition to the FreeBASIC web site, so it will take some time and of course the generous contributions of users to make the Archive grow. But given the history of FreeBASIC users posting code in the Official forums, it should not be long before the Archive is full of downloads and links to open source software written using FreeBASIC.
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