Version 0.18.2b released

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Version 0.18.2b released

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Improved QB and cross platform compatibility are the two main issues addressed in this release. Many bug fixes as well.

Most Significant Changes:

QB Compatibility Improvements:
Updates to SCREEN, RND, INPUT, ERASE, PCOPY in text mode, all impoved for 100% compatibility with QB sources.

Default field alignment in TYPE's
For improved header portability, and to fix the long time problems with BFD compatibility on linux, the default field alignment in TYPE's have been changed to 4 bytes on DOS and Linux. FreeBASIC libraries will likely need to be rebuilt due to this change. In all platforms, care must be taken when using TYPE's for file I/O, and it is recommended that FIELD=1 be used in such cases to save space as well platform portable field alignment.

Cross Compilation
The windows version was previously enabled with all the possible cross compilation targets. This was cut down to just Cygwin and DOS as both should work. The other cross compilation targets are available: compile fbc from sources and specify the needed --enable-crosscomp-target switches. See ./src/compiler/INSTALL in the source distribution for more details.


Windows v0.18.2b (2007-10-12): ... e?download

Linux v0.18.2b (2007-10-12): ... z?download

DOS Version v0.18.2b (2007-10-12): ... p?download

Source v0.18.2b (2008-10-12): ... z?download

Manual (2007-10-08) - in CHM Format: ... p?download

For more details about this release see,
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