Compiler Option: -lang

Provides QuickBASIC or backward compatibility

-lang dialect

The dialect to use in compilation, one of fb (default), fblite, qb or deprecated.

The -lang compiler option changes the way source code is interpreted, and is meant as a tool to users wanting traditional QuickBASIC-like behavior, or behavior deprecated from previous versions of FreeBASIC.

The intrinsic macro __FB_LANG__ is set to the string name of the dialect specified on the command line, or "fb" by default.

To learn more about the differences between each of these language dialects, see Compiler Dialects.


This is the default dialect, and allows compilation of source code adhering to the most recent version of the FreeBASIC language.


This dialect provides support for FreeBASIC syntax and functionality, but with a more traditional QuickBASIC programming style.


This dialect provides the best support for older QuickBASIC code.


This dialect is for backward compatibility with some previous versions of FreeBASIC, however, this dialect may not exist in future versions. Programmers should consider using the "fblite" dialect instead.

Note: this command-line option can be overridden by any #lang statements used in the code.

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