FBWiki Formatting Codes

Describes the formatting codes to be used in this wiki.

This guideline describes the formatting codes that are allowed in the FBWiki. This is a subset of the markup codes supported by the on-line wikka engine. Because this wiki is also converted to other formats, like html and plain-text, only a few of markup codes can be used by the FreeBASIC documentation and manual generators.

In all of the examples following, the markup line with the formatting codes is followed by the output.

Escaping Text
Anything between 2 sets of double-quotes is not formatted.

**two bold ""**"" stars**
two bold ** stars
You can also use double-quote escaping to avoid linking of CamelCase words

""WikiWord"" is not parsed as a link
WikiWord is not parsed as a link

Text Formatting
Examples for bold, italic, underline, monospace, strike through, and centered markup follow:

**I'm bold**
I'm bold

//I'm italic text!//
I'm italic text!

__And I'm underlined!__
And I'm underlined!

##Monospace text##
Monospace text

++Strike through text++
Strike through text

@@Center text@@
Center text

The wiki will recognize markup using two = for the smallest header up to six = for the largest. The fbdoc manual generator treats all as the same size when converted.


Recommend using {{fbdoc}} action for sections and subsections. See fbdoc action. page.

Horizontal Separator
Creates a horizontal separator line across the page. On some displays, this line is very faint and difficult to see; but it is there.


Forced line break
Line 1---Line 2
Line 1
Line 2

Indented text
You can indent text using a tilde (~) or a tab:

~~Double Indented
~~~Triple Indented

Double Indented
Tripple Indented

Indented (1 tab)
Double Indented (2 tabs)
Tripple Indented (3 tabs)
Indented (1 tab)

Double Indented
Tripple Indented

See FBWikiGraphics for more information on displaying graphics in the wiki.

On the wiki you can use a WikiName to refer to a page directly without any markup, however, in the converted documentation it will just be a normal text.


Add a forced link using the following markup [[pagename|description]]:

[[FBWiki|FreeBASIC Wiki]]
FreeBASIC Wiki

Use the {{fbdoc}} action. See fbdoc action for more information.

Add a forced link by surrounding an url with [[ and ]]

[[https://www.freebasic.net|FreeBASIC Website]]
FreeBASIC Website

Link to a place on the same page using the {{anchor}} action. Create an invisible anchor somewhere on the page with:
{{anchor name="item1"}}

Then link to that anchor with:
{{anchor name="item1|Jump to Item #1"}}
Jump to Item #1

Note about adding a new anchor:

The {{table}} action is recognized by the document generators, using the following format.
{{table columns="4" cellpadding="2" cells="A;B;A and B;A or B;0;0;0;0;0;1;0;1;1;0;0;1;1;1;1;1"}}
A B A and B A or B
0 0 0 0
0 1 0 1
1 0 0 1
1 1 1 1

Some characters have special meaning to HTML and may be escapedin the {{table}} action. Notice that the HTML escapes do not have the semicolon ';' suffix shown in this table. They need the semicolon suffix, however, it is currently impossible to display a semicolon in a table because the semicolon is the cell delimiter.
{{table columns="3" cellpadding="2" cells="Display;Escape;Description;&;&amp;Ampersand;>;&gt;Greater Than;<;&lt;Less Than;";&quot;Double Quote;A;&#065;Character value [0-255]"}}
Display Escape Description
& &amp Ampersand
> &gt Greater Than
< &lt Less Than
" &quot Double Quote
A &#065 Character value [0-255]

Left and Right Columns of Text
To create a left and right columns of text, use two < characters before and after the left block, and use two > characters before and after the right block.



Note: Use ::c:: to clear left and right columns.

Code Formatters
You can easily embed code blocks in a wiki page using a simple markup. Anything within a code block is displayed literally. To create a generic code block you can use the following markup:
%% This is a code block %%.
 This is a code block 

To create a code block with syntax highlighting, you need to specify a code formatter (see below for a list of available code formatters)
print "Hello, World!"
    Print "Hello, World!"

The documentation generators will recognize "qbasic", "freebasic", and "c", as valid code formatters.

Embedded HTML
You can easily paste HTML in a wiki page by wrapping it into two sets of doublequotes.

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