Displaying graphics in the Wiki

The FreeBASIC wiki has the capability of displaying graphics on its pages. It can be useful for some pages to display images. For example, on graphics command pages with example code, it can be helpful to include an image to show what the code produces.

Images are uploaded to each wiki page where they are needed. On the server "ex1.png" for one page resides in a different directory than "ex1.png" on another page.

There are some rules / guidelines you should follow when adding images:

Images may be inserted into the Wiki with a tag, such as this one:
{{image class="center" title="Put example output" url="/images/sample.png"}}

Which produces the following image:
Put example output

The "class" property tells the wiki where to position the image on the page - in this case, the center.
The "title" property gives the image a title (which will appear in a tooltip if you move the mouse over it).
The "url" property points to the location of the image. The full URL of the image is "http://www.freebasic.net/wiki/images/uploaded/*pagename*/*filename*", however when referencing the image uploaded to the page only "/images/*filename*" is needed. An option "link" property can be used to associate a click-able link with the image, but is typically not used in this wiki.

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