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This template is more of a suggestion than a requirement. But if you are writing a tutorial and not sure where to start, maybe this can help.

Title Your Tutorial
Please include a title. If the tutorial is selected for inclusion in the FreeBASIC documentation, it should have a {{fbdoc item="Title" value="Title-of-the-tutorial"}} action at the top of page. This helps keep the style consistent with every other page in the FreeBASIC manual.

Including Sample Code
Sample code is best included inside %%(freebasic) code goes here %% tags. These special blocks are recognized by both the on-line wiki and our document converters. Code tagged in this way can be automatically formatted or extracted later.

'' sample code
'' sample code

The best tutorials are completed tutorials
Once you have started a tutorial, please return to finish it. It is understandable that a tutorial might be a work in progress, and the wiki does provide a convenient place to work on it until it is completed. But, nobody wants to read a half completed tutorial. Thanks.

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