Copies one graphical or text page onto another

declare function Pcopy ( byval source as long = -1, byval destination as long = -1 ) as long

Pcopy [ source ] [, destination ]

page to copy from
page to copy to

Return Value:
Returns zero (0) if successful, or a non-zero error code to indicate a failure.

Copies one graphical or text video page to another. Useful for drawing all graphics on one invisible page and copying it to the active visible page - creating smooth graphics and animation. Known as 'double buffering' or 'page flipping'.

source and destination refer to page numbers. The 'source' page is copied over the 'destination' page when pcopy is called.

If the source argument is omitted, the current working page is assumed. If the destination page is omitted, the current visible page is assumed.

Pcopy is inactive if the destination page is locked.

The error code returned by Pcopy can be checked using Err in the next line. The function version of Pcopy returns directly the error code as a 32 bit Long.

'Sets up the screen to be 320x200 in 8-bit color with 2 video pages.
ScreenRes 320, 200, 8, 2

'Sets the working page to 1 and the displayed page to 0
ScreenSet 1, 0

'Draws a circle moving across the top of the screen
For x As Integer = 50 To 269
    Cls                    'Clears the screen so we can start fresh
    Circle (x, 50), 50, 14 'Draws a yellow circle with a 50 pixel radius on page 1
    PCopy 1, 0             'Copies our image from page 1 to page 0
    Sleep 25               'Waits for 25 milliseconds.
Next x

'Wait for a keypress before the screen closes

'' Compile with -lang fblite or qb

#lang "fblite"

'' Console mode example:

'' Set the working page number to 0, and the visible page number to 1
#if __FB_LANG__ = "QB"
Screen ,, 0, 1
Screen , 0, 1

Dim As Integer i, frames, fps
Dim As Double t

t = Timer

    '' Fill working page with a certain color and character
    Locate 1, 1
    Color (i And 15), 0
    Print String$(80 * 25, Hex$(i, 1));
    i += 1

    '' Show frames per second
    Color 15, 0
    Locate 1, 1
    Print "fps: " & fps,
    If Int(t) <> Int(Timer) Then
        t = Timer
        fps = frames
        frames = 0
    End If
    frames += 1

    '' Copy working page to visible page

    '' Sleep 50ms per frame to free up cpu time
    Sleep 50, 1

    '' Run loop until the user presses a key
Loop Until Len(Inkey$)

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