STATIC (Member)

Declare a static member procedure or variable

Type typename
Static variablename As DataType [, ...]
Declare Static Sub|Function procedurename ...
End Type

Dim typename.variablename As DataType [= initializer] [, ...]

[Static] Sub|Function typename.procedurename ...
End Sub|Function

'' Example showing how the actual procedure invoked by a member can be set at runtime.
'' using static member procedures.
Type _Object

  Enum handlertype
  End Enum

  Declare Constructor( ByVal ht As handlertype = ht_default)

  Declare Sub handler()

  Declare Static Sub handler_default( ByRef obj As _Object )
  Declare Static Sub handler_A( ByRef obj As _Object )
  Declare Static Sub handler_B( ByRef obj As _Object )
  handler_func As Sub( ByRef obj As _Object )

End Type

Constructor _Object( ByVal ht As handlertype )
  Select Case ht
  Case ht_A
    handler_func = @_Object.handler_A
  Case ht_B
    handler_func = @_Object.handler_B
  Case Else
    handler_func = @_Object.handler_default
  End Select
End Constructor

Sub _Object.handler()
End Sub

Sub _Object.handler_default( ByRef obj As _Object )
  Print "Handling using default method"
End Sub

Sub _Object.handler_A( ByRef obj As _Object )
  Print "Handling using method A"
End Sub

Sub _Object.handler_B( ByRef obj As _Object )
  Print "Handling using method B"
End Sub

Dim objects(1 To 4) As _Object => _
  { _
    _Object.handlertype.ht_B, _
    _Object.handlertype.ht_default, _
    _Object.handlertype.ht_A _
  '' 4th array item will be _Object.handlertype.ht_default

For i As Integer = 1 To 4
  Print i,
Next i

'' Assign an unique ID to every instance of a Type (ID incremented in order of creation)

Type UDT
    Declare Property getID () As Integer
    Declare Constructor ()
    Dim As Integer ID
    Static As Integer countID
End Type
Dim As Integer UDT.countID = 0

Property UDT.getID () As Integer
  Property = This.ID
End Property

Constructor UDT ()
  This.ID = UDT.countID
  UDT.countID += 1
End Constructor

Dim As UDT uFirst
Dim As UDT uSecond
Dim As UDT uThird

Print uFirst.getID
Print uSecond.getID
Print uThird.getID

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