PROTECTED: (Access Control)

Specifies protected member access control in a Type or Class

Type typename
member declarations
End Type

name of the Type or Class
member declarations
declarations for fields, functions, or enumerations

Protected: indicates that member declarations following it have protected access. Protected members are accessible only from inside a member function for the Type or Class, and classes which are derived from the Type or Class.

member declarations following Protected: are protected until a different access control specifier is given, like Private: or Public:.

Members in a Type declaration are Public: by default if no member access control specifier is given.

Type animal
  Dim As String animalName
    Dim As Integer serialNumber
End Type

Type dog Extends animal
  Dim As String masterName
  Declare Sub setSerialNumber ( ByVal number As Integer )
End Type

Sub dog.setSerialNumber ( ByVal number As Integer )
  '' This is OK. We're inside a member function of the derived type
  This.serialNumber = number
End Sub

Dim As dog d

'' This is OK, animalName is public
d.animalName = "Buddy"

'' this would generate a compile error:
'' - serialNumber is protected and we're trying to access it outside its type and the derived type
'' d.serialNumber = 123456789

' Example to illustrate the access control 'Protected' with a token provided by an admin right for an user right:
'    - The 'admin_right' type extends the 'user_right' type.
'    - Create directly an 'user_right' object is forbidden.
'         ('default user_right.constructor' access and 'copy user_right.constructor' access are 'Protected')
'    - The 'user_right' type has only the access right to get the token.
'         ('user_right.token' get-property access is 'Public' and 'user_right.token' set-property access is 'protected')
'    - The 'admin_right' type has the access rights to set and to get the token.
'         ('admin_right.token' get-property access and 'admin_right.token' set-property access are 'Public')
' An 'admin_right' object is created, and then a reference of type 'user_right' to this object is defined.
'    (create directly an 'user_right' object is forbidden)

Type user_right
    Declare Property token () As String          '' 'Public' to authorize user_right token get
    Declare Constructor ()                       '' 'Protected' to forbid user_right object default-construction
    Declare Constructor (ByRef u As user_right)  '' 'Protected' to forbid user_right object copy-construction
    Declare Property token (ByRef s As String)   '' 'Protected' to forbid user_right token set
    Dim As String user_right_token               '' 'Private' to forbid access from outside user_right
End Type

Constructor user_right ()  '' Default-constructor
End Constructor

Constructor user_right (ByRef u As user_right)  '' Protected copy-constructor
  This.user_right_token = u.user_right_token
End Constructor

Property user_right.token () As String  '' Public property user_right token get
  Return This.user_right_token
End Property

Property user_right.token (ByRef s As String)  '' Protected property user_right token set
  This.user_right_token = s
End Property

Type admin_right Extends user_right
    Declare Property token () As String         '' 'Public' to authorize admin_right token get
    Declare Property token (ByRef s As String)  '' 'Public' to authorize admin_right token set
End Type

Property admin_right.token () As String  '' Public property admin_right token get
  Return Base.token                      '' 'Base.' to access to the base type property shadowed by this property name
End Property

Property admin_right.token (ByRef s As String)  '' Public property admin_right token set
  Base.token = s                                '' 'Base.' to access to the base type property shadowed by this property name
End Property

Dim As admin_right ar       '' Create an admin_right type object 'ar'
ar.token = "fxm123456789"   '' admin_right set the token for user_right
Print "'" & ar.token & "'"  '' admin_right get the user_right token

Dim ByRef As user_right ur = ar  '' Create a user_right type reference 'ur' to the 'ar' instance of admin_right type
Print "'" & ur.token & "'"       '' user_right get its token
'ur.token = "fxm0"               '' Error: Illegal member access, (user_right cannot set its token)

'Dim As user_right ur1       '' Error: The default constructor has no public access
'Dim As user_right ur2 = ar  '' Error: Constructor has no public access


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