Returns a wide-character string containing one or more Unicode characters

declare function Wchr ( byval ch as integer [, ... ] ) as wstring

result = Wchr( ch0 [, ch1 ... chN ] )

The Unicode integer value of a character.

Return Value:
Returns a wide-character string.

Wchr returns a wide-character string containing the character(s) represented by the Unicode values passed to it.

When Wchr is used with numerical constants or literals, the result is evaluated at compile-time, so it can be used in variable initializers.

Not all Unicode characters can be displayed on any machine, the characters available depend on the font presently in use in the console. Graphics modes can't display Unicode characters, as the GfxLib built-in font is not Unicode.

Print "The character represented by the UNICODE code of 934 is: "; WChr(934)
Print "Multiple UNICODE characters: "; WChr(933, 934, 935)
will produce the output:
The character represented by the UNICODE code of 934 is: Φ
Multiple UNICODE characters: ΥΦΧ

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