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The FB Wiki is a community effort and is improved only with the contributions of its members.

Registered users can help improve the the online documentation and the FreeBASIC manual by:
- adding a comment to a page describing an error, an omission, or asking for more information.
- editing the page to correct an error or add new information.
- creating a tutorial.

-[[FBWikiFbdocAction|fbdoc Action]] - syntax and usage of the ""{{""fbdoc""}}"" action
-[[FBWikiPageNames|Page Names]] - commonly used page names in this wiki
-[[FBWikiFormatting|Formatting Rules]] - markup codes used for formatting content
-[[FBWikiTopicSample|Topic Sample]] - General style format for topic pages in the manual.
-[[FBWikiKeywordTemplate|Keyword Template]] - Template for keyword pages.
-[[FBWikiTutorialTemplate|Tutorial Template]] - Template for tutorial pages. (Only a suggestion, not a requirement)
-[[FBWikiGraphics|Displaying graphics in the Wiki]] - Guidelines for adding graphics to wiki pages
-MissingDocs - A list of pages that need work.
-SandBox - A place to test your formatting skills.

This wiki is the official source for the FreeBASIC Manual. The pages it contains are used to generate other downloadable formats of the documentation. Some pages need to be formatted and organized in a specific way to be recognized by our document converters.

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-[[FBWikiFaq|FB Wiki - FAQ]] - Frequently Asked Questions about the online documentation.

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