Statement to erase arrays

declare sub Erase ( array as any [, ... ] )

Erase( array0 [, array1 ... arrayN ] )

An array to be erased.

Using Erase on a fixed-length array resets all elements without freeing the allocated memory.
In case of objects, there is destruction then re-construction.

Using Erase on a variable-length array (array already sized) frees the memory allocated for the array elements, but the array remains declared at its same scope level (with the same datatype and number of dimensions).
In case of objects, there is destruction before freeing memory.

Note: Erase can not be used on fixed-size arrays passed as parameters in a procedure. FreeBASIC can not prevent you from trying this at compile-time, but the results at run-time will be undefined (up to crashing).

Dim MyArray1(1 To 10) As Integer
ReDim MyArray2(1 To 10) As Integer

Erase MyArray1, MyArray2

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